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Permit Applications

Application to work in Public Right-of-Way

A right-of-way permit is required before placing, extending, or repairing any pipes, cables, wire, roadway structure or appurtenances, or for any other purposes requiring the use of or connection to a Township road or right-of-way. A no-cost permit is available through the Township.

Application to Close Township Ditch
Adequate roadside ditching and culverts are an integral part of the road infrastructure as they help to provide safer conditions for all users and less damage to the hard surface from water runoff. Therefore, the installation of culverts in ditches other than for driveway purposes is discouraged and may only be done after obtaining a no-cost permit through the Township.

Ditch Closure Permit

Application for a Residential or Commercial Driveway

A Residential or Commercial Driveway Permit is required when constructing a completely new driving surface or reconstructing driving surface in the Township right of way. Reconstruction includes the replacement, expansion or upgrading from gravel, block or pavers to hard surface pavement. A permit is also required for construction of any parking pad or paved vehicular storage surface that is located in or crosses the Township right of way. A no-cost permit is available through the Township.

Residential or Commercial Driveway Permit

Washington County Engineer Permits 

Application for Permit to Work in Public Road Right-of-Way

Request to Enclose Ditch

Application and Permit for a Residential or Commercial Driveway

Special Hauling (Overload or Oversized Load) Permit

Ohio Department of Transportation: Right of Way Permit Guidelines

Zoning Permit Application